VSCode shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+pshow the command palette
Ctrl+Shift+lAdd cursors to all matching selections
Ctrl+dAdd cursor to next matching selection
Ctrl+uUndo last cursor operation
Ctrl+lSelect the current line in the cursor.
Ctrl+</kbd>Split the current editor
Ctrl+numberFocus to a editor
Ctrl+tFinding a class, function or variable in all files
Ctrl+k+wClose all open editor tabs
Ctrl+k Ctrl+zComment a block of code
Ctrl+k Ctrl+uUncomment a block of code
Alt+upMove the selected code one line up
Alt+downMove the selected code one line down
Alt+Shift+upCopy the selected code one line up
Alt+Shift+downCopy the selected code one line down
Ctrl+`Toggle the terminal window
Ctrl+t zToggle Zen Mode
Ctrl+rReload window
Ctrl+Shift+`Create a new terminal instance
Ctrl+pFind a specific file in your current folder
Ctrl+,Go to user settings
Alt+EnterSelect all occurrences of Find match
Shift+upselect all code one line up
Shift+downselect all code one line down
Ctrl+Shift+bToggle Sidebar
Ctrl+Shift+xShow Extensions
Ctrl+Shift+gShow Source Control
Ctrl+Shift+eShow File Explorer
Ctrl+Shift+dShow Debug
Ctrl+uUndoes the last cursor selection

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