___に___を もらいます

Basic sentence

カーラさんは ホセさん チョコレートを もらいました。;Carla received some chocolates from Jose.


Được dùng khi nói về được nhận cái gì từ ai đó.


N1(Person) は N2(Person) に N3 を もらいます。


①カーラさんは おとうさんに ビデオカメラを もらいました。;Carla got a video camera from her father.
②A:だれに とけいを もらいましたか。;A: From whom did you get that watch?
B:ははに もらいました。;B: I was given it by my mother.
③A:たんじょうびに なにを もらいましたか。;A: What were you given for your birthday?
B:でんしじしょを もらいました。;B: I got an electronic dictionary.


A. N2 can never be the speaker.
B. In cases when N1 is the speaker, or it is understood who N1 and N2 are, 「N1は」 and/or 「N2に」 are sometimes omitted. (②③)

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